Although better known as the author of three books on theology and philosophy, this site presents her paintings and illustrations. You may download any of these for your own non-commercial use. Please cite this source if you pass them along.

The group “The Greatest of These” (1943) is her response to the powerful phrases of I Corinthians 13 and, in fact, these verses were read, at her request, at her memorial service in 1973 in Gambier, Ohio. Each verse is represented by artwork that is not always immediately perceived as an illustration of the text, but nevertheless conveys her feeling for and about the message. They were intended as image/text pairings, but you have separate access to each. She had developed her watercolor skills based on the teachings of her father, a sculptor who had died in 1933.

Many stand-alone paintings are also available at this site. Most have religious themes, but it is clear that Libuse was exploring active and gestural brushwork as well.

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“Today it is a sign of hope, as well as the need for self-knowledge, that in several different fields of intellectual endeavor the interest is shifting away from the supposed laws of nature to the mysterious ways of man.”

In Search of the Self, p18
—Libuse Lukas Miller